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Coronavirus and Sports

Children who participate in sports will need special attention if they become infected with the coronavirus.

While most children who become infected with coronavirus do very well, there is some data showing an increased risk of myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart muscle, in people who have been infected. Because of this, the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that all children over 8 who have had a positive COVID test should be cleared by their pediatric health care provider teams prior to returning to organized sports, even those who are asymptomatic or who experienced mild symptoms with their infection.

If your child has tested positive for coronavirus and plays sports, he or she will need to be cleared by their Dowd provider prior to return to their sport. Please contact the office to arrange for clearance.


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AAP Return to Play Algorithm

Process for return to play clearance after Covid-19 infection from the AAP

Return to Play After Covid-19

Fact Sheet about Sports and Covid

From the Massachusetts Chapter of the AAP (question 3 discusses post-covid sports clearance)

Sports and Covid Fact Sheet

Return to Play Questionnaire

Questionnaire to be completed prior to post-covid sports clearance

Post-covid clearance questionnaire

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