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Update on Office Policies During Coronavirus Outbreak

UPDATED 11/11/21

Read this first before coming to the office for an appointment:

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Masking estimated to cut covid transmission by half

A review of eight studies in the British Medical Journal estimate that mask wearing cuts the risk of getting covid by 50%

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Millions of Kids Receive Covid-19 Vaccine

Over 2 million kids have received a first dose of Covid-19 vaccine since its approval.

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Teens and Safe Social Media Use

Advice for helping your teen navigate social media from the AAP

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Prenatal Forum

Learn more about Dowd Medical Pediatrics by signing-up for a Prenatal Forum. Please call our office at 781 944-4250 x 111 or 110 to book a time slot and you will get an email with the zoom link before the appointment.

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Healthy Living by Age

The foundation of good health is the same no matter your age! Eat healthy, be active, go to the doctor or nurse for regular checkups, take care of your mental health, and don't take unnecessary risks, like texting while driving. Whether you're in your 20s or 90s, we've got you covered. Click on "Learn More" then choose your decade by navigating with arrows at page bottom, to find out what steps you can take for good health!

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