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Covid Vaccine Information

As the covid vaccine becomes more widely available in our state, many of our pediatric patients will be eligible to receive it. You may have questions about you or your child receiving the vaccine.

Dowd medical strongly encourages everyone eligible to receive the vaccine once it is available. 

Some patients may require extra caution: 

  • Anyone with a history of allergic reaction to a prior dose of the covid vaccine or a history of allergy to one of the components of the covid vaccine should NOT receive the vaccine and should first contact their provider. The list of ingredients to each of the 3 approved covid vaccines can be found here.
  • Anyone with a history of anaphylaxis to other medications or foods CAN receive the vaccine, but should be monitored for 30 minutes after receiving a dose.

Vaccines supplies are allocated by state government, and Dowd Medical currently does not have a supply of vaccine available. Our patients should look for appointment availability at retail pharmacies or the MA vaccination sites.

  • You can prereigster for a covid vaccine at a MA vaccination site here
  • Find a covid vaccine at CVS here
  • Find a covid vaccine at Walgreens here
  • Find a covid vaccine at Lowell General Hospital here

If you or your child has had covid, they can receive the vaccine at any point after they have completed their isolation. However, after covid, one is presumed immune for 3 months, so it may be reasonable to wait for 3 months after infection to allow for vaccine supply for the non immune population.

As always, please call your provider if you have specific questions about the covid vaccine and you or your child.

Further Information:

Covid vaccine information from the American Academy of Pediatrics on here

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