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Update on 2019 Novel Coronavirus

There is new information every day regarding the novel 2019 Coronavirus, and some of it may sound alarming. At this point, the Massachusetts DPH has determined that there is documented community spread of the virus in the state. We recommend abiding by strict "social distancing" rules - avoid large groups of people or other social events. It is also important to prevent illness by doing everything you normally do to prevent a cold or flu: wash your hands, keep your hands off your face and eyes/nose/mouth, and stay home/keep your children home when sick.

These links provide some further information:

An article by Floating Hospital for Children's Dr. Cody Meissner:

Local updates from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health:

WebMD Blog post with pediatric specific advice:

"Covid-19 Fact sheets" from Harvard Medical School's Health Literacy Project for 3-6 year old's and 6-12 year old's.

3-6 Year Old

6-12 Year Old

The staff and providers at Dowd are keeping up to date as the situation evolves and are always available to answer your questions.

Prenatal Forum

Learn more about Dowd Medical Pediatrics by signing-up for a Prenatal Forum.  Please call our office at 781 944-4250 x 111 or 110 to book a time slot and you will get an email with the zoom link before the appointment.

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Update on Office Policies During Coronavirus Outbreak Updated 5/27/21

UPDATED 5/27/21

Read this first before coming to the office for an appointment:

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Parenting During a Pandemic

If you are experiencing some parenting challenges during the coronavirus pandemic, you are not alone! Read on for some common questions and great tips for parents of kids of all ages.

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Information on Coronavirus Testing: Updated 3/8/2021

Please read for information on testing for coronavirus.

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Click here for further information about the 2020-2021 Flu Vaccine

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IEP For Home Seminar Series

Dr Erik von Hahn's monthly zoom seminar for parents of children with developmental and behavioral challenges, starts Monday October 5th

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Covid and School: FAQ's

Some answers to frequently asked questions about school during covid, from the Massachusetts Chapter of the AAP

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Covid Contacts, Testing, and Quarantine Flow Chart

Flow chart from the Massachusetts Chapter of the AAP reviewing COVID decision making

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Coronavirus Information: Quarantine Guidance

Updated guidance for individuals quarantined after exposure to coronavirus

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Coronavirus: FAQ

Click here for some answers to frequently asked questions about coronavirus

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Coronavirus and Sports

Children who participate in sports will need special attention if they become infected with the coronavirus. Read on for more information.

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Dr Curdo helping with covid vaccine roll-out

Dr. Curdo, Lt Colonel in NH Air National Guard, helps with vaccine roll-out!

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Covid Vaccine Information

Answers to some commonly asked questions about the covid vaccine

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