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Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease which occurs in genetically predisposed individuals, where the consumption of gluten results in damage to the small intestine.

Tips to prevent cross contamination:

  • Meet up with a dietician trained in gluten-free diet for celiac disease
  • Read food labels- make sure packaged foods are labeled “gluten-free”- cannot just go by ingredient list!
  • Watch for hidden sources of gluten: Butter/peanut butter jar (bread knives used for regular bread may be dipped into this causing cross contamination), cold cut meat, communion wafers, cutting boards, french fries (fried in oil used for flying gluten containing items), licorice, medications, play dough, probiotics, seasonings, sauces, toaster, too many gluten free items- try to rely more on naturally gluten-free items instead of processed gluten substitutes, vitamins, yogurt
  • Avoid foods without nutrition labels unless you or someone who’s well versed in gluten-free diet has prepared them
  • Wash cookware and utensils used to cook gluten containing foods well with soap and water before using them for gluten-free foods
  • Clean shared surfaces before preparing gluten free foods
  • Store gluten free products separately from gluten containing foods
  • Use separate, potentially color-coded, food containers from those not following a gluten free diet


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