Dowd Medical Associates

Hospital Affiliations

We use Winchester Hospital as our primary pediatric hospital.


107 Woburn Street,

Reading, MA 01867


2 Haven Street,

Suite 309

Reading, MA 01867

For Newborn Care:

If you deliver at Winchester Hospital, one of our Dowd Medical Pediatric Providers will come by the morning after you deliver to examine your baby and to speak with you. We come in each day that you and the baby are in the hospital. 

If you deliver at another hospital, the hospital will provide you with a staff pediatrician to examine the baby after birth. We will pick up your child's care after discharge from the hospital but feel free to call us with any questions even while you are still in the hospital.

For Pediatric Emergency Care:

If you need Pediatric Emergency Care, Winchester Hospital Emergency Room is staffed by Board Certified Emergency Room Doctors and by Pediatric Emergency Room Physicians from Children's Hospital, Boston.

If your child needs to be admitted to the Winchester Hospital after consultation with the Pediatric Emergency Room Physicians, they will be cared for by the Pediatric Hospitalist team at Winchester Hospital.

For Pediatric Urgent Care:

Although there are many urgent care centers throughout our neighboring towns, we prefer to provide urgent care to you in our office, or to help guide you over the phone after hours.  Our preferred urgent care sites include: Urgent Care Woburn(daily 12pm-8pm) and Urgent Care Wilmington at Wilmington Family Medical Center(open daily 7:30am-8pm).    Preferred Urgent Care Centers

For Pediatric Specialty Care:                 

We have all practiced and/or trained in the Boston Area long enough that we have relationships with pediatric specialists from all the pediatric Boston area hospitals and will guide you with that expertise regarding "who" to see for a particular medical issue.